Do It Yourself

Do you really want to:

  • Spend hours preparing your driveway and surrounding area?
  • Clean all of the cracks in your driveway of debris?
  • Waste time traveling to and from the store?
  • Spend hours filling and repairing the cracks?
  • Spend time mixing and stirring the sealer for each bucket of sealer?
  • Waste your entire day sealing your driveway?
  • Worry about the cost to replace your clothing and destroyed materials?
  • Spend a ridiculous amount of money on gas, materials, driveway and crack sealant?
  • Are you still thinking about doing it yourself?In order to obtain the protection and strength provided by just one application from RhinoKote Sealcoating Inc., you will have to spend next weekend doing it all over again. Call us today at 740-965-8044 or email us at or please fill out our free estimate form and a sales representative will be in contact with you between 2-3 days.
RhinoKote Sealcoating Inc.